GettingHired’s job seekers: Find the diversified professionals your organization needs

Millions of Americans are living with a disability and a significant proportion of this group are qualified professionals in search of a new job.


According to 2015 U.S. Census data, approximately 20 percent of the U.S. population has a disability; this includes around 12 percent of all college graduates and 30 percent of veterans. Businesses with the goal to increase their diversity have a competitive advantage by tapping into a talent pool that is oftentimes overlooked.


A community of talented professionals


There is a common misconception that individuals with disabilities may be less qualified or otherwise not as skilled as those without a disability, but in reality this could not be farther from the truth. At GettingHired, our goal is to change this mindset.


GettingHired offers access to a database of professional job seekers and our candidates are made up of some of the most highly-skilled individuals that companies want to hire. Indeed, with more than 190,000 registered job seekers, our community of talented individuals is made up of a variety of skills including:



It’s important to note that 54 percent of our registered job seekers hold a bachelor's degree or higher.


Success stories with GettingHired


Our community of job seekers has bolstered businesses across the United States in recent years, with professionals placed into roles spanning a wide array of industries and disciplines.


Recent successful placements that we are proud to showcase from 2016 include:



As you can see, there is an impressive breadth of talent for businesses across all sectors to draw upon when connecting with this community. It therefore pays for businesses to build a business case to gain a more diversified talent pool by partnering with us.


GettingHired offers access to a wealth of talented job seekers who could be the perfect fit for your business. Read our free whitepaper and find out how you can attract these talented individuals today.