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Top 6 blogs for veterans in 2017: Looking back to explore future trends

With the end of the year fast approaching, veteran job seekers and inclusive employers should keep up to date with all the latest news from across the disabilities space in 2018.

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Top 6 blogs for employers focused on hiring individuals with disabilities in 2017

2017 saw many great tips and insights for employers looking to diversify their workforce. Check out our recap on GettingHired’s top blogs from the year.

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GettingHired and The Choice Group partner to increase their reach in supporting job seekers with disabilities

We have a new partnership to support job seekers with disabilities across the country!

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Top 5 blogs for job seekers with disabilities in 2017

Reflect on the array of job seeker-focused content GettingHired has created in 2017 and tips to staying up to date with what’s coming in 2018!

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7 Business Resource Groups that Engage Employees in Diversity and Inclusion at Lincoln Financial Group

At Lincoln Financial Group, Diversity and Inclusion is not just an initiative for one team or leadership group – it is a corporate strategy woven into every aspect of the business.

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10 success stories from companies highlighting NDEAM in 2017

NDEAM 2017 has revealed a wide array of success stories among companies who are committed to increase hiring among individuals with disabilities.

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Veterans Day: Supporting our veterans through national pride

Veterans Day is a chance to show our appreciation for a group of individuals who deserve our respect. It also reminds us of our responsibility to support those who have served to keep our country safe.

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How Procter & Gamble’s affinity groups drive their inclusive culture

P&G’s People with Disabilities Network is devoted to raising awareness of the business contributions from individuals with disabilities, for the benefit of both the employee and the consumers we serve. 

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8 Employee Resource Groups (and growing!) at Rolls-Royce support their culture of diversity and inclusion

“Our ERGs help us celebrate the diversity that powers Rolls-Royce and support our commitment to a culture that enables our employees to feel trusted, valued and respected for who they are.” Marion Blakey, President and CEO of Rolls-Royce North America 

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7 programs dedicated to individuals with disabilities at The University of Kansas

As a premier international research university, the University of Kansas is committed to an open, diverse and inclusive learning and working environment that nurtures the growth and development of all. Read on to learn more!

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