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7 programs dedicated to individuals with disabilities at The University of Kansas

As a premier international research university, the University of Kansas is committed to an open, diverse and inclusive learning and working environment that nurtures the growth and development of all. Read on to learn more!

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Inclusion is a value, strategy and focus at Lincoln Financial Group

At Lincoln Financial, diversity and inclusion is not considered a program, an initiative or “the right thing to do.” Read on to learn more!

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How Huntington Ingalls Industries values diversity and veterans

Huntington Ingalls Industries is committed to building a culture that values diversity and inclusion. We recognize and embrace the many ways we are different, including physical abilities. From our talent acquisition strategy to discovering manufacturing solutions to improve our business, we are demonstrating our commitment to seek different perspectives to better our company.

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5 ways employers can create a successful internship program

Businesses considering investment in internship programs should understand the reasons why this can be a great way to boost your operations.

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Employer Spotlight: Shaw Industries internship program for young people with disabilities

Our success depends on attracting and retaining the best talent – people with the specific abilities needed for each role within the company.

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How can job seekers get the most from internships?

Understanding the importance of making the most of the opportunities afforded to you via internships is essential, learn 6 tips on how to do just that.

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Employer Spotlight: Why Rockwell Collins actively recruits people with disabilities

At Rockwell Collins, we strive to harness the creativity and ingenuity of our diverse workforce and create an environment where our employees are motivated to use their talents to achieve their full potential. Disability is one of many perspectives included in our Inclusion and Diversity strategy.

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Inclusive Hiring for People with Disabilities at Microsoft

From the very first days of our company, Microsoft has sought to enable individuals and organizations around the world to do great things. Our Mission is to empower every person and every organization on the planet to achieve more. One of the ways we will fulfill this ambition is through an unwavering commitment to a diverse workforce and an inclusive culture.

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Employer Spotlight: How Kapable Helps the Kellogg Company Create an Inclusive Workplace

We aim to have a workforce that, at all levels, reflects the vast diversity of our consumer base, and we want every employee to feel they can be real and authentic. We know both diversity and inclusion are business imperatives: Diversity helps us better understand what our increasingly diverse consumers want and love, and inclusion helps to bolster employee productivity. 

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Case Studies: A Full-Service Disability Recruitment Solution

Connecting our clients to a talented community of job seekers with disabilities is one of the primary purposes of GettingHired's recruitment solution. Click to find out case study information about how we've supported clients within the industries of financial services, aerospace and more!

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