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Jenny Pellegrino's Articles

Known as a trusted advisor in her field, Jenny brings more than 20 years of staffing industry experience to her role as Director of Diversity Talent Acquisition Solutions for GettingHired. Jenny is responsible for securing corporate partnerships with organizations that are proactive in helping people with disabilities find gainful employment in corporate America. She also attends conferences focused on diversity and inclusion, while contributing to marketing initiatives, blogs and research.

Prior to her current role, Jenny held various positions throughout GettingHired’s parent organization, Allegis Group.

Given her passion for job seekers with disabilities, Jenny made the move to GettingHired in 2013.

Jenny earned her Bachelor of Arts degree in Psychology from the University of San Diego. She also holds a SHRM certification in D&I.

To learn more about Jenny, connect with her on LinkedIn here!

4 keys to accommodating candidates during the interview process - The low cost and high value for employers

Organizations with a focus on diversity and inclusion hiring should understand the importance of providing proper accommodations to individuals with disabilities when arranging an interview.

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GettingHired’s job seekers: Find the diversified professionals your organization needs

At GettingHired, we offer access to a professional community of job seekers with disabilities that bring great benefits to your business.

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How to address budget challenges for disability recruitment solutions

A range of factors come into play that can create budgetary constraints around disability hiring, but when businesses understand the logic behind reaching out to this community of professionals, then investment in this area becomes that much easier to secure.

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