The Value of a Niche Job Board

Value of a Niche Job Board

Job seekers use to scan the classified section of the local newspaper to learn about new positions. In the 1990s that all changed when the Internet made it possible to advertise job openings on websites. The early job boards took a generalized approach and covered all types of skills, industries and geographies. Many of these job board pioneers remain generalists today. Unfortunately, general job boards just aren’t that effective. Eighty percent of candidates with disabilities say they use general job boards. Yet, only 29% said they got their last job via a general job board. Niche job boards provide some unique advantages to both job seekers and employers. Here are a couple reasons why niche job boards are becoming so prevalent.

  1. More jobs
  2. You will find more openings that match their skills, goals and interests on niche job boards. Why? While general job boards do post more jobs in total, they don’t aggregate all listings. This means that many jobs advertised on niche job boards will not be showcased anywhere else.

  3. Less sifting
  4. Niche job boards will save you time. You don’t have to scan the job description in each posting to figure out if it is actually a match. Instead, all of the positions are targeted to candidates like you.

  5. Better matches
  6. In addition to saving time reading job descriptions, niche sites can also save you and employers time after you apply. For example, employers post their jobs on GettingHired because they are serious about hiring, retaining and valuing individuals with disabilities.

  7. More company information
  8. Employers understand that niche job board users expect them to tailor their job descriptions to their unique audience. Niche job board descriptions often share more specific information about the company including its commitment to hiring individuals just like you.  

  9. Less competition
  10. Even though niche job board adoption keeps rising, not all job seekers use them. Employers use niche job boards to target a highly specific population group. They know that means they will receive fewer applicants. But more of these applicants will be a good fit for the vacancy. Ideally, fewer applicants should also translate into faster responses.

  11. Additional, relevant information
  12. Like general job boards, niche job sites include information for job seekers through blogs, articles and communities. With a niche job board, all of the information will be relevant to you.