Using Social Media to Improve Your Job Search

Social Media Dice

Today’s job search is all about networking, and using social media is one of the best ways to build your network. Beyond your close friends and family members, your social network can extend to include coworkers from previous jobs, friends you haven’t seen in years, social and professional acquaintances, and even people you have never met before- any of whom could play a role in helping you find your next job.

LinkedIn is often the first social media platform that comes to mind when considering a professional job search. A valuable networking tool, LinkedIn uses your personal profile- which serves as an online resume of sorts- to help you make professional connections. Information about your background, past and current employment, job skills and areas of expertise are available for others to view. Your LinkedIn profile can be updated regularly and those who you are connected with can receive those updates. With a LinkedIn profile, you can reach all of your connections to make them aware of your job search. You can even receive recommendations and endorsements from connections who are familiar with your qualifications and skills.

If you have a Twitter account, consider how you could use it to help with your job search. You may choose to simply keep your followers up to date on your search, or to send an occasional tweet about an interview you have. To add even more value to your search using this platform, try following companies and organizations you are interested in. Many companies will tweet job openings they have. In addition to following others, make a habit of tweeting your own content. Becoming recognized as someone who is knowledgeable within your field may increase your number of followers and could become a tremendous advantage in your social job search.

Facebook is another platform for staying connected. Perhaps the most beneficial aspect of incorporating Facebook into your job search is simply that it helps broaden your network to make even more people aware of your employment status. The important thing is to make it known within your network that you are looking for a job, and reaching others who may be able to get you connected to the right person or the right job opening.

You can choose the extent to which you incorporate social media into your job search, keeping in mind that the more effort you put in, the greater the results you are likely to see. Social media platforms enable you to reach others who you would normally not have access to, and can carry your job search further than you could ever take it on your own.