Don’t Let Your Job Search Wear You Down

Job Search

Searching for a job can be challenging, and being out of work can take its toll on even the most positive-thinking people. When your search is taking longer than you had hoped it would, it’s easy to start questioning yourself- your skills, your experience, even your personality. Your job is a big part of your identity, and when you are unemployed, it’s easy to feel a little bit lost.

Don’t let your self confidence suffer because of your employment status. As soon as you begin doubting yourself, it will start to affect your job search.

Stay committed to your search and don’t let yourself waiver from it. Keep a routine and establish a set of goals to accomplish each day. Keep your day scheduled as you would a work day.  Get up at a certain time. Shower and dress as if you were going to work. Sit down at your desk and tackle specific tasks that are focused solely on your job search. Send emails, make phone calls, meet a friend or colleague for coffee or lunch. Work on your interview skills.

If you are having a challenging day or are feeling down on yourself or your ability to get a job, call a friend or family member who will be there to support you and offer advice. If talking to someone doesn’t help, try taking a break. Even a short break to go for a walk or a drive can help you clear your mind and come back feeling refreshed, or at least have a more positive mindset.

If you have an interview, stay optimistic and remind yourself of all the positive experiences you’ve had in the past. Think about a really good interview you had that resulted in you being hired; think about a time you were recognized for an accomplishment at a previous job.  These thoughts will help boost your self confidence, and this will shine through during an interview.

Staying positive during a job search can be difficult, and the longer the search takes, the more challenging it can be to keep an optimistic attitude. Remember to stay realistic throughout the process- job searches can take a year or more- so be prepared for the possibility that yours may take this long. Stay focused and disciplined in creating daily job search goals. Reaching these goals will give you the small boosts of accomplishment you need in order to stay positive and persistent in your search.