Narrow Your Job Search to Companies You Want to Work For

Focus and Narrow Down Where You Want To Work

The more focused you are when searching for a job, the more likely you are to end up with a job that fits your needs and meets your expectations. If you know the key elements that a job must have in order for you to be happy, you can narrow your search to include only companies that provide those essentials.

Take time in the beginning of your search to identify the factors that are most important to you. You may even want to rank them in order of importance. Are you committed to working within a specific industry? Do you prefer to work for a large, well-known company or would you feel more challenged being part of a start-up? Is there a specific geographic area where you need to be located? Once you have identified these factors, begin your search focusing specifically on companies that are in line with your list.

You may also want to research companies based on how they have been ranked. There are many surveys conducted each year ranking the best companies to work for. These lists, whether compiled on a national or local level, can give you ideas for companies to start looking into, and can also help you identify important factors you should consider when ranking companies yourself as part of your search process.

Once you have identified the companies that you think will meet your expectations, you can start your networking process with them in mind. Use social media to see if you know anyone who works there, or if you have any connections with someone who may know an employee of the company. You can also start following the leaders of those companies on social media, and begin applying for job openings that align with your qualifications and search criteria.

Can you really determine if you will like working for a company before you are hired? There is no true way of knowing, but you can do your best to identify companies you are likely to enjoy working for. Look closely at factors including corporate culture, the types of people who work there, the mission, vision, and management of the company, the company’s history and reputation, and geographic location. Each of these factors will impact your daily life as an employee.

Searching for a job shouldn’t be about taking any job with any company. More than just doing a job, it’s important to enjoy what you do and feel fulfillment in doing it. Ultimately, when you only apply to jobs within companies you have researched and identified as a good fit, once you are hired you will know that you haven’t had to compromise on the factors that matter most to you.