The Benefits of Joining a Talent Community

Talent Communities

In your efforts to conduct a thorough and successful job search, you may have come across the term “talent community,” and may be wondering ‘What exactly is a talent community and should I join one?’

Talent communities are made up of people with shared interests. Often job seekers, current or past employees of a specific company, or recruiters come together to collaborate in discussions to share ideas, learn about a company, job search, refer others for jobs and build a network. Whatever your interest and whatever your focus during your job search, joining a talent community may be beneficial.

A company may create a talent community to help find people who are genuinely interested in working for them. Candidates who may not have been a good fit for one position may potentially be a good fit for a different position, and keeping these candidates in their talent community can help make it easier for a company to fill a future job opening. Keeping well-qualified job candidates in a community where they can still interact with members of the company is beneficial to both the company and the candidates.

You don’t have to be actively looking for a job in order to join a talent community. If there is a particular company that you’re interested in, you may choose to join their talent community as a way of staying informed and keeping up to date on their news, events or open positions. If you are looking for a job, a talent community can connect you with recruiters, hiring managers, current or past employees who can help you learn more about a particular company and what it’s really like to work there, or any new job openings that become available.

If a company has a talent community, you can usually find information about it on their website, typically on their human resources or career/hiring pages. It’s usually a quick process to join. Many companies have a portal that allows members to join through an existing LinkedIn account. Keep in mind though, that simply joining a talent community is not enough if you are serious about it helping with your job search.

Joining a company’s talent community is not the same as applying for a job with that company. Joining their talent community keeps you connected, but is no guarantee that you will be hired by them. However, it certainly can’t hurt! Becoming an active member participating in discussions and making connections with others in the community will help strengthen your professional network and may lead to opportunities you otherwise would not come across.

Sharing your knowledge and ideas will help you become recognized and known by those running the talent community- mostly hiring managers or recruiters- as well as other members. This virtual environment is another way to aid you in your job search; helping you focus and grow your network while demonstrating your genuine interest in working for a specific company.