What Employers Should Know About Hiring People With Disabilities

Hiring People with Disabilities

While GettingHired partners with hundreds of employers that make it a practice of hiring people with disabilities, there are many employers out there that still do not. One reason could be a lack of understanding of the benefits of hiring people with disabilities, or misconceptions that the practice could end up costing them too much money or forcing them to settle for less capable workers.

The truth is that hiring someone with a disability does not have to cost an employer. In fact, almost half of all job accommodations cost nothing at all, and for the remainder, the average one-time cost to the employer is between $500-600.  And since research has shown that employees with disabilities tend to be more loyal and often stay with a job longer than employees without a disability, it could actually be a cost savings to hire an employee with a disability. In addition, employers who hire employees with disabilities become eligible for certain tax benefits that can help cover any of these costs.

For employers looking to hire the best candidate for a position, they need to open their search to include the best qualified candidates in the labor pool. This includes those with disabilities. People with disabilities are qualified and able to work, but remain disproportionately underemployed. If an employer wants to hire the best employee, they will benefit by actively including those with disabilities in their recruitment efforts. This will help ensure that they are not missing a highly qualified candidate because that candidate may happen to have a disability.

Employers who do make a practice of hiring people with disabilities have cited many benefits of doing so. People with a disability have an eagerness to succeed in the workplace. They have, as a result of living with a disability, often learned to adapt in many ways, and the challenges they face on a daily basis have taught them to be creative, persistent, and to think outside of the box. These traits all carry over into the workplace to bring innovation and new ways of approaching things that can ultimately benefit the employer as well as the employee.

Employers who are not familiar with the practice of hiring employees with disabilities may simply be afraid of what they do not know. They may worry about asking the wrong question or not being able to provide an acceptable workspace. Job candidates with a disability can help ease concerns an employer may have by choosing to address these issues first. Know the job requirements and make it clear that you meet all of those requirements and will have no problem meeting all of the employer’s needs. If you are comfortable discussing previous job accommodations you have had, now might be the time to bring it up to ease concerns and show that you know exactly what you need in order to work efficiently and effectively.

There are many resources available for employers who are considering hiring people with disabilities. Once an employer becomes aware of the facts about hiring people with disabilities, they can then begin to explore the issue deeper and will see the benefits it can bring to their company.


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