How to Market Yourself Within Your Field

Market Yourself

Once you have established a profession for yourself, you work to gain the experience and expertise that helps you become trusted in your field. Whether your goal is to become recognized as an industry expert or simply to be more proficient in your area of interest, accomplishing this often requires more than just doing your day-to-day job.

In order to gain the trust and respect of others within your field you have to market yourself through hard work and dedication to the profession. Here are four simple ways you can reach out professionally to become known and trusted by others in your field:

Attend conferences. Attending conferences not only helps you grow professionally, but it enables you to meet others within your field. You can get your name out there among other professionals who you might not otherwise have the opportunity to meet. Networking opportunities from these events can lead to professional friendships, future collaborations or even new job opportunities. Collect business cards from the people you meet and follow them on LinkedIn and other social media. You may never physically run into them again, but through social media you can stay connected.

Join professional organizations. Membership in professional organizations boosts a resume and can help give you credibility within your field. As a member of a professional organization, you may have opportunities to earn new certifications or to attend events that can help you network with other professionals in the same or similar fields.

Write a blog. Even if you maintain a personal blog that is not part of your job, if you demonstrate your professional knowledge then others interested in your field will notice. You may be able to gain followers who simply enjoy reading what you have to say or who are interested in learning more from you. If you gain a following, others may begin re-posting your blogs or using you as a reference in their own writing. You will get your name out there and be exposed to people who otherwise may never have heard of you.

Stretch your goals. Volunteer for a new project or look for new ways to apply your skills. Within your current company there may be opportunities to join a new team of people on a different type of task than your day to day job requires. Tackling something new exposes you to other professionals and gives you experience working with them. Successfully completing the project lets them know that you can be trusted for future endeavors as well.

Marketing yourself professionally is important beyond the point of getting hired. In order to grow professionally, you need to work to continue to gain the trust and respect of others within your field. Doing your job well is a step in the right direction, but in order to really market yourself, you need to be willing to put forth the additional effort. Marketing yourself within your field can help get you recognized as a leader and as someone others can look to for professional support or guidance.