10 Tips To Prepare For A Virtual Career Fair

Getting Hired’s virtual career fairs are your chance to connect directly with recruiters from companies, who are hiring for a number of open positions. The career fair lasts for a few hours, but there is a time limit for conversations with recruiters, so you need to be prepared.

Here are the Top 10 tips to prepare you for a great virtual career fair experience:

  1. Update your resume Make sure your resume is up-to-date with the most accurate information. Highlight skills that are relevant to the type of job you are seeking. Whatever new updates you make to your resume, make those changes to other places, like your Getting Hired account and LinkedIn. Recruiters look at these other locations when reviewing your qualifications. Always strive to be consistent.
  2. Be professional – What does your email address say about you? Set up a professional email address for your resume. (John.Doe@gmail.com or Doe.John@gmail.com is better than PartyAnimal1974@gmail.com) Additionally, always address the recruiter as Mr. or Mrs., as you would in a live interview.
  3. Learn about the companies Take the time to get information about the company you are interested in speaking with. Look at their company profile and review the open positions. This will save you time during the chat and it will help you avoid appearing unprepared. It will also allow you to ask more pointed questions about the role and company culture.
  4. Create a calendar reminder The event will be hosted at 11am EDT, so you may need to adjust, based on your time zone. If you show up late to the event, the lines for some companies may become very long and you will have to wait, or you may only be able to drop off your resume with a note.
  5. Prepare your introduction – Your elevator pitch is important. This should be short and to the point regarding, the job you are looking for, why you would be a good fit and how hiring you would benefit the company. You can also type this out ahead of time, so you can cut and paste it, during your chat session.
  6. Pre-write some questions Because the event is a text chat, save yourself some time and type out your questions, which you can easily cut and pasted during your chat to reduce typing. Ask about the company culture, benefits, their applicant review and hiring process.
  7. Dress for success – It has been proven, that if you dress as if you are in a live interview, you will feel and present yourself better, because it will help you focus. So leave your classic Pink Floyd t-shirt in the drawer.
  8. Drop off resumes with a note – We provide an option to drop off your resume and leave a note for a company, if the lines become extremely long. Take advantage of this feature and make sure you use your elevator pitch as part of the note. All notes and resumes are provided to the employers at the end of the event.
  9. Ask for contact information to follow up – Use this opportunity to connect to a recruiter at the company. Following up after the event, can offer you additional feedback about their hiring process. Some companies, do have a policy about providing their individual information, so don’t be offended if they cannot provide that to you.
  10. Send a Thank you Note/ Email – If the recruiter does provide you with an email address, follow up and thank them for taking the time to speak with you. Even if a particular job is not open at the moment, a thank you note is usually remembered and noted with your information.

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