How Procter & Gamble’s affinity groups drive their inclusive culture


Procter & Gamble (P&G) is the world’s largest and most profitable consumer packaged goods company. Our people are the foundation of our success. Diversity and Inclusion is part of every P&G business strategy. It is at the core of being "in touch" so we create brands and products to improve the lives of 5 billion consumers around the world.

Why is Diversity and Inclusion important to P&G?

Diversity & Inclusion is deeply rooted in our company’s Purpose, Values & Principles. It is who we are, and aspire to be, as a company. By understanding, valuing, and including the diversity of those we work with and serve every day, Diversity & Inclusion enhances our ability to understand our consumers. It is about a culture of respect for every individual, for the consumers we serve, and for the people we work with every day.

The PWD affinity group is devoted to raising awareness



P&G’s People with Disabilities Network is devoted to raising awareness of the business contributions from individuals with disabilities, for the benefit of both the employee and the consumers we serve. The Network serves as a change agent to foster a more inclusive work environment for employees with disabilities and superior product performance for the world’s consumers with disabilities.

3 objectives that drive Diversity and Inclusion for people with disabilities

1. Be recognized as an Employer of Choice – attracting, retaining, developing and fully enabling employees that live and work with differing abilities to meet peak performance

2. Ensure work processes, systems, technology and governance are in place to drive an inclusive culture and meet regulatory requirements globally

3. Influence product, package and facility design to more completely serve global consumers who live and work with disabilities

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