How to Improve the Employment Outlook for Students with Disabilities


Getting Hired and the National Association of Colleges and Employers (NACE) are proud to announce a new webinar, which will be taking place on November 15th.


Entitled 'Improving the Employment Outlook for Students with Disabilities,' the event will offer a snapshot of the existing disability workforce landscape, while highlighting the need for increased support for all students with disabilities in helping to improve their future employment outlook.


Why should we act?

Did you know that approximately 6.1 million individuals with disabilities are currently actively working across the country? How about the fact that 11 percent of all undergraduates have a disability?


With 83 percent of U.S. company executives believing that attracting and retaining talent is an issue for their business, it’s time to take action in sourcing students with disabilities.


But what actions can educational institutions take right now to better showcase their students' talents and educate employers on the wealth of talented students with disabilities that they could be reaching out to?


What can NACE members do to help?

During the webinar, we'll be outlining to NACE members four of the latest solutions that can help to improve the career outlook for students with disabilities; we'll be discussing in-depth the importance of an institution's disabilities services and Careers Centers in achieving this goal.


In addition, NACE members will learn:


  1. How to ensure the accessibility of their careers resources is not letting them and their students down
  2. The importance of delivering tailored disability-related resources
  3. Why aligning with employer and community partners can provide a real boost to their students' job prospects


Finally, we'll be working alongside all those in attendance to identify some of the common failings of the standard application process for students with disabilities, and explaining how each of these challenges can be overcome.


The webinar will be running from 1-2pm ET on Wednesday, November 15th. NACE members that are interested in taking part, in what promises to be an exciting and insightful session, can sign up here.


Contributions to this blog were made by Sarah Pullano, Account Manager at Getting Hired