10 success stories from companies highlighting NDEAM in 2017

National Disability Employment Awareness Month (NDEAM) 2017 has come to a close and at Getting Hired we're proud to see that it's been another great month of raising awareness about the disability employment space.


A wide array of businesses and organizations have shown how they have increased hiring of individuals with disabilities in 2017, and here we share a few highlights of the many positive success stories we saw throughout NDEAM.


2017's NDEAM Company highlights on social media

  1. PwC: Highlighting the diversity of its staff and an ongoing commitment to inclusivity, PwC showcased the story of Rob Rusch - a Tax Manager who helps in the creation and delivery of innovative solutions to help meet his clients' needs.
  2. Comcast: Combating an array of common myths around individuals with disabilities, Comcast's 'How I Work' campaign was truly eye-opening, with a personal view from Bernadette Krause of the company's care team.
  3. Microsoft: Highlighting Microsoft's ongoing commitment to inclusive hiring, the company's Autism Hiring Program is a shining example of a successful campaign in action.
  4. TD Careers: Celebrating the colleagues and programs that help to make TD Bank successful, the organization showcased its support for individuals with disabilities on Twitter as part of this year's NDEAM.
  5. Accenture: During NDEAM, Accenture ran its 'Inclusion Starts with I' campaign, highlighting the need for organizations to recognize how increased diversity and inclusion can be highly beneficial for all. It revealed how team performance can improve by up to 50 percent when everyone feels included.
  6. HCSC: A celebration of HCSC's diverse and inclusive workplace, the organization released this video as part of NDEAM 2017 to showcase its employee’s unique abilities and perspectives.
  7. U.S. Labor Department: Outlining the U.S. Labor Department's ongoing commitment to increased awareness around individuals with disabilities and their talents, The Campaign for Disability Employment is promoting positive employment outcomes for this group through its 'What can you do' PSA.
  8. AT&T: Working alongside Aira and the National Federation of the Blind, AT&T has showcased its efforts in helping students who are blind as part of its back-to-school program during this year's NDEAM.
  9. National Industries for the Blind (NIB): Working with the U.S. Labor Department, NIB has highlighted the abilities and contributions of its employees who are blind.
  10. Hershey's: Celebrating the accomplishments of its employees with disabilities, Hershey's has been active in promoting its commitment to inclusivity and disabilities hiring during NDEAM 2017.


What has Getting Hired been up to during NDEAM?

Getting Hired has been extremely busy during this year's NDEAM, with a range of activities and events taking place.


  1. We held our latest Virtual Online Career Fair, targeted at bringing together employers and professional individuals with disabilities on October 5th. The event brought in over 20 employers and hundreds of qualified job seekers.
  2. We hosted a #NDEAMatGHI Twitter chat on October 10th for our job seekers to hear from our NDEAM sponsors and community partners on why NDEAM was important to their business.
  3. We also hosted a webinar alongside the MS Society on October 18th for employers to learn more about the value of hiring individuals with MS.
  4. October also saw the publication of our latest blog on NDEAM, offering a brief history of this important annual celebration and outlining exactly what this special time of year means for everyone here at Getting Hired.

Organizations that have been inspired by NDEAM activities this year should be doing all they can to build their own campaigns to drive diversity and inclusion within their business.

You can find out more about the benefits of increased engagement with individuals with disabilities by reading our recent blog, '
Making the business case for disability recruitment.'

Contributions to this blog were made by the Getting Hired team.