Getting Hired and The Choice Group partner to increase their reach in supporting job seekers with disabilities

Helping job seekers with disabilities to find work and to connect with inclusive employers is our goal and commitment at Getting Hired.



It therefore brings us great pleasure to announce a new partnership with The Choice Group that will help us to better support all job seekers with disabilities, and ensure as many individuals with disabilities as possible have the support they need to find a job that's right for them.



A powerful new partnership


The Choice Group has been a provider of individualized services for people with disabilities since 1998 and its work to support this group through career counseling, benefits support and its far-reaching Ticket to Work program will be a strong and compatible aid to the work we do at Getting Hired.



This new partnership promises a powerful combination of complementary services that will ensure job seekers are better able to navigate the sometimes complex landscape of Social Security benefits and work incentives.

We will also be helping The Choice Group's clients to secure greater opportunities for work through our own extensive database of available jobs across the country.



What is Ticket to Work?


The goal of Ticket to Work is to help to provide self-sufficiency and increased flexibility for job seekers with disabilities. It is a voluntary scheme that has no cost to those who take part, and ensures individuals with disabilities who might otherwise struggle to finance their aim of securing lasting employment are able to effectively do so.



The Choice Group works alongside state vocational rehabilitation and other agencies to provide supported employment and vocational counseling services. They provide ongoing support for Social Security disability beneficiaries who want to work their way off cash benefits so they can maintain successful employment and plan for changes in their benefits along the way.



Why is this great news for job seekers?


Working together, both Getting Hired and The Choice Group now hope to see our new partnership flourish. It represents another positive step towards better supporting job seekers with disabilities - the driving aim of both our organizations.



Gregory Bell, Ticket to Work Senior Consultant at The Choice Group, commented: "We believe that our one-on-one and ongoing support services for people with disabilities naturally complement those services provided by GettingHired."



Jovi Stevenson, Director of Disability Inclusion Talent Acquisition Solutions at Getting Hired, added: "The goals of our two organizations are closely matched in helping to support individuals with disabilities in achieving their employment aims. We look forward to an exciting new partnership that will benefit job seekers across the country."



Anyone interested in learning more about the opportunities available and the increased level of support that this new partnership will bring should register to join Getting Hired's job register to join Getting Hired's jobs seekers with disabilities career portal.


You can also follow us on social media for all the latest developments in this exciting new venture.



Contributions to this blog were made by both the Getting Hired and The Choice Group teams.