Top 6 blogs for employers focused on hiring individuals with disabilities in 2017

Getting Hired has been busy in 2017 as we've had the privilege of helping our inclusive employers connect with job seekers with disabilities across the country.


To reflect on 2017’s success, we're sharing a brief look back from the last year to help our readers focus on the ongoing challenges and opportunities that await them in the months ahead.


1. Effective Use of Branding and Recruitment Technology

Kicking off the year, January saw the publication of a blog outlining the importance of embracing technology and the positive impact of employer branding when attracting candidates with disabilities.


We drew on research from the NACE's Recruiting Benchmarks Survey, which showed that more than half (55 percent) of employers are now making use of video interviewing techniques. Will this trend extend into 2018? Only time will tell.


2. Small businesses benefit from third-party support in disability hiring

Third-party support for small businesses aiming to enhance their outreach to the disabilities community was a key focus in March.


We highlighted the case of a small federal contractor in Kentucky that was able to diversify its team by working closely with us to tap into new sources of talent. A lack of available talent is an ongoing challenge in many sectors, so having the support of a third-party recruitment solution, could be employer’s next step to consider for 2018.


3. Keys to accommodating candidates during the interview process - The low cost and high value for employers

Moving into August, we showcased the importance for employers in supporting individuals with disabilities throughout the interview process.


From accommodations for reading assistance, to ensuring all candidates have access to facilities, businesses should be doing all they can to make their interview process as inclusive as possible.


As we move into 2018, we expect this process to be more important than ever, as more employers look to hire additional diversity groups to their teams.


4. Why your business should employ individuals with autism

Hiring individuals with Autism has been a hot topic for 2017. As such, our focus in September was to highlight the benefits of increased engagement with this group.


Our publication also served as a perfect precursor to a webinar we held in partnership with Autism Speaks; you can learn the four best practices we shared during the event here.


5. Reasons why virtual careers fairs are valuable for employers

The impact of new technologies is helping employers to engage with the disability community in new and innovative ways. One such innovation has been the growing appetite for Virtual Careers Fairs.


For all those keen to connect with candidates with disabilities, you can look forward to more upcoming Virtual Careers Fairs in 2018 from Getting Hired.


6. Success stories from companies highlighting NDEAM in 2017

Completing our round-up of 2017's top employer-focused releases from GettingHired, November saw the release of some of the success stories from this year's National Disability Employment Awareness Month (NDEAM).


Businesses across the country embraced this year's theme of 'Inclusion Drives Innovation.' However, disability inclusion is not a practice that should be reserved for a single month; we look forward to seeing NDEAM inspired stories throughout 2018.


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Contributions to this blog were made by the Getting Hired team.