Small businesses benefit from third-party support in disability hiring

Section 503 of the Rehabilitation Act 1973 is something that all US organizations should be aware of, as this article of legislation means all government contractors and affiliates must ensure at least seven percent representation within their workforce for individuals with disabilities.


Is my business big enough to partner with a disability recruitment partner?


At present, 22 percent of all US organizations either work directly with the government or are contractors on behalf of another business that does. It means that millions of companies - many of which are small businesses - must pay close attention to disability inclusion.


Compliance with existing regulations on disability inclusion within the workplace is essential and the smaller an organization is, the harder it can be to comply with strict government guidelines on disability employment.


Tight resourcing, a lack of experience in this area and the need to keep costs to a minimum are just some of the common issues faced by smaller organizations when recruiting for individuals with disabilities, but many companies continue to go it alone despite these challenges.


However, this doesn’t need to be the case when the benefits of working alongside a third-party expert in the field of disabilities recruitment can help to address these woes. Organizations of all sizes can therefore benefit from working alongside Getting Hired.


Don't believe us? Here's the proof...


We recently partnered with a small federal contractor in Kentucky to help bolster their disability recruitment. The company has fewer than 200 employees and has a single individual in charge of their HR department.


They were very interested in attracting talented individuals with disabilities but had faced some challenges in doing so on their own. As a result, they turned to Getting Hired and we were able to connect them with thousands of potential candidates, resulting in the hiring of an engineer that is veteran with a disability and deemed a perfect for the role.


By working with us, the company was able to leverage not only a great new employee to add to the diversity of their team, but also fill a critical engineering need. In rural Kentucky, engineering talent is hard to find, and many employers need to leverage staffing agencies to find critical talent – paying high fees in the process.


Getting Hired offers access to a community partner database of more than 5,800 disability organizations across the country, while our clients are able to create unlimited job postings on our nationwide, fully accessible job board.


We offer unlimited searches of our resume database of talented job seekers with disabilities and flexible month-to-month pricing means the traditional costs of recruitment can be greatly reduced.


Size should therefore never be an issue when seeking out the most talented individuals to join your business. You can get in touch with our expert team to learn more!