Why you need a third-party disability recruitment solution

Businesses operating in industries across the US are increasingly working towards higher levels of inclusivity within their workforce. This means organizations should not overlook the advantages of tapping into one of the largest untapped categories of job seekers in the US right now: people with disabilities.


Nearly one in five Americans have some type of disability (more than 57 million people), including 12 percent of all college graduates. However, this group is being vastly under-utilized at present, with the latest Department of Labor Statistics report for December 2016 showing the level of unemployment for this group is more than twice the national average (nine percent) in comparison to people without disabilities.


So, the question remains, how can your business tap into this diverse group of talented individuals and what are the benefits of partnering with a third-party disability recruitment provider when doing so?


Waging the war for talent

Talent is a precious commodity and businesses hoping to excel in their field need to be attracting the best and brightest. That said, talent is also a finite resource and therefore developing the capability to effectively engage with as large and diverse of a talent pool as possible is essential to driving future corporate success.


Getting Hired helps businesses understand the importance of attracting individuals with disabilities. We do this by ensuring our clients are able to keep up with their competitors in the war for talent. Indeed, Getting Hired works with key partners in a range of top industries, including some of the biggest names in healthcare, energy, pharmaceuticals and many more. Can your organization afford to be left behind by not tapping into this community?


Ensuring regulatory compliance

What many businesses may also not be aware of is the importance of maintaining regulatory compliance within their recruitment programs. The 2014 revisions to Section 503 of the Rehabilitation Act have challenged all companies with federal contractors to ensure that at least seven percent of their workforce is made up of individuals with disabilities. Just last month, the federal government went even further by establishing a 12% goal for federal agency employment.


Organizations that do not create a successful disability outreach strategy to achieve this could therefore face a withdrawal of contracts or an inability to tender for lucrative new ones. Ensuring you have an expert disability recruitment provider onboard to bring the best candidates forward for all roles in your organization will make compliance that much easier.


Addressing the potential issue of disclosure

Finally, one of the major difficulties companies can face in terms of achieving increased diversity within their workforce is the challenge that people with disabilities are not always open to disclose this information. Therefore, disclosure can be a problem for organizations when recruiting in this community.


As a leading disability recruitment provider, Getting Hired helps businesses foster an inclusive recruitment process so that candidates are more likely to feel comfortable disclosing their disability. Moreover, successful talent acquisition for individuals with disabilities requires ensuring your jobs are visible in the places where this group is looking for future employment. This is where a third-party recruitment provider adds real value in getting your employer brand positioned in a highly visible location where it can deliver the greatest impact.


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