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5 tools to maximize recruiter bandwidth when hiring for individuals with disabilities

5 tools to maximize recruiter bandwidth when hiring for individuals with disabilities


Many businesses face issues in terms of successful hiring programs that specifically target people with disabilities, meaning there are countless organizations in need of support in this area.


An increased need for efficiency


According to LinkedIn's 2017 Global Recruiting Trends report, 83 percent of all heads of talent acquisition currently believe that attracting and taking on new talent should be a top business priority for their organization this year.


What's more, the report showed how 56 percent of managers also expect to increase their level of hiring. At the same time, 61 percent of recruiting teams will remain the same size, while budgets will be held stable for 52 percent of firms. All this translates into higher demand among recruiters and less resources to leverage per client.


The theme for talent acquisition professionals in the coming year is therefore, 'how to do more with less?' It's a trend that we've seen repeated time and again since the economic downturn and subsequent recovery. Recruiter bandwidth is therefore at a premium again in 2017, with teams facing issues including fewer available candidates, competing job offers for top candidates, and more jobs to fill than ever.


It's for this reason that recruiters may need more support in the months ahead, especially when hoping to recruit individuals with disabilities. However, at Getting Hired that is precisely what we are able to offer to our clients.


Top tools for enhanced recruiter bandwidth


When recruiting gets busy, the first thing that generally gets lost is the focus on diversity. Getting Hired offers five tools to help maximize recruiter bandwidth, and ensure that the company commitment to disability inclusion does not get lost in the mix of a fast-paced recruiting team.


  1. Apply Alert Emails - These daily emails alert recruiters when Getting Hired candidates apply to positions. This simple tool allows recruiters to focus their efforts on the warmest, most interested candidates with disabilities.
  2. Resume Search Agents - Whether you're sourcing for high-volume roles where you can't find enough talent, or looking for that elusive perfect candidate to fill an experienced position, resume search agents can help automate the recruitment process. A few clicks and a recruiter's targeted Boolean query can run daily, weekly or monthly, delivering fresh resumes each time.
  3. Integration with CRM Systems - Many companies are investing in candidate relationship management (CRM) systems. In a tight labor market, CRMs offer recruiters the chance to make the most of available talent by quickly sourcing silver medalists and final slate candidates for new roles in the company. Getting Hired can help companies populate a CRM with high quality diverse candidates, ensuring regular consideration of candidates with disabilities for high priority roles.
  4. Account Management & Consultation - Getting Hired account managers can provide a wealth of best practices on how to optimize your recruitment process. From setting up targeted sourcing strategies to building a process around apply alert emails, partner closely with your account manager to find success.
  5. Branding & Targeted Marketing - Sometimes, you just need more applicants, and Getting Hired offers a range of options to boost clicks and applications to your jobs. Partner with your account manager to develop a targeted email blast (e-blast) to specific locations and talent pools, or to elevate your brand nationwide through an employer spotlight campaign.

By taking just 10 to 15 minutes per month to utilize these tools, your recruitment output could be greatly improved and that extra demand on resources will be that much easier to bear.


Get in touch with our team of experts and find out how we can support your business in maximizing your efficiency when recruiting from this diverse and talented community.

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