How a strong employer brand can drive disability recruitment

A strong employer brand is an important part of any business, but when it comes to attracting and retaining professionals with disabilities, successfully positioning your company to speak directly to this community can pay off immensely.

Building a successful disability brand as an employer

When professionals with disabilities are searching online for their next career move, you want to make sure your organization’s website is setting the right inclusive tone. A strong disability brand message is one that shows that you take disability hiring seriously, and that your organization is a welcoming place to work. This means:

  1. You have a fully accessible website
  2. You have the organization’s accommodation statement listed in an easily accessible place on the site
  3. You’re highlighting company benefits that could be especially beneficial in accommodating a professional with a disability. Such examples include flex schedules or opportunities to work remotely
  4. You’re highlighting a culture of diversity and inclusion, supported by an explicit disability commitment statement by senior leaders
  5. You have a commitment to supporting National Disability Employment Awareness Month, and highlight any received awards as a disability friendly and inclusive employer
  6. Your social media channels all support and reflect the organization’s dedication to a disability inclusive workplace
  7. You’re showcasing local and national community involvement with disability organizations via press release or designated page on the website

What matters most in setting up an inclusive website is ensuring that the site is accessible to all professionals with a disability. If your site is not accessible, chances are that job seekers and applicants are also encountering accessibility challenges when filling out an application.


In addition, businesses need to realize that attracting and hiring is just the first step. After that, there needs to be ongoing inclusive engagement with employees to encourage retention.


How to keep momentum once professionals with disabilities are hired

Once you have built a positive outward persona that brings in professionals with disabilities, it is also important to ensure the onboarding process builds on this success.


A range of materials should be included in all onboarding documents and processes, including:

  1. The organization’s accommodation statement and the process for how to request a reasonable accommodation
  2. A diversity and disability inclusion commitment statement on behalf of the organization
  3. Details of how new hires can join the company’s existing Employee Resource Groups (ERGs) or Business Resource Groups (BRGs) if there is one to support individuals with disabilities, or caregivers
Mentoring can also play a pivotal role in supporting not only individuals with disabilities in their new role but all new hires, helping to show them the company culture and ensure they have a helping hand when settling in.

Finally, ensuring strong internal employee awareness of inclusivity will significantly help to bolster a company's employer brand appeal. This can include internal statements from senior leadership on disability inclusion, as well as promoting external partners, such as Getting Hired, who work alongside your business to support your employees with disabilities.


To find out more about how Getting Hired can help you to attract and retain the best candidates with disabilities for your roles, get in touch with our expert team today.