How to address budget challenges for disability recruitment solutions


A range of factors come into play that can create budgetary constraints around disability hiring, but when businesses understand the logic behind reaching out to this community of professionals, then investment in this area becomes that much easier to secure.


So, how do organizations receive the budget for a potential investment? By ensuring executive leadership buy-in and highlighting the need to invest in hiring individuals and veterans with disabilities.


If your leadership is still on the fence with investing, it’s important to ask, ''What are the risks to our organization for not being disability competitive enough?"


Why it's important to invest in disability talent solutions

Primarily, investing in individuals and veterans with disabilities should be viewed as an opportunity to access a diverse and talented pool of individuals. A wide range of sectors are calling out for more skilled workers, and individuals with disabilities are an untapped resource that many organizations currently fail to recognize.


This is a trend replicated in industries across the U.S. and therefore investing in a pool of talented and qualified people that your competitors may have overlooked can help to provide a competitive advantage in filling these posts, as well as offering a tangible economic boost to your firm.


Section 503 of the Rehabilitation Act also states that all businesses with federal contracts must set an agreed level of representation within their workforce for people with disabilities. They must also set goals to achieve this figure and companies will be held accountable if they do not. Failure to set achievable goals for inclusion therefore risks their long-term ability to tender for these contracts; it also opens up HR departments to the potential of lawsuits based on discrimination.


Overall, here are six compelling reasons for businesses to invest in disability hiring:

1. Diversity and inclusion hiring is not all about ethnicity and gender - organizations need to include individuals with disabilities in this category as well.

2. Talent shortages are a well-documented fact in many industries, but by overlooking people with disabilities, businesses are missing out on an untapped resource.

3. Reporting on compliance can be costly, but by working with a third-party disability recruitment solution partner, these are expenses that can be kept to a minimum.

4. If you aren’t casting a wide net searching for top talent in your recruitment programs, your competitors are leaving your business at a disadvantage.

5. Businesses can demonstrate enhanced corporate social responsibility through disability hiring, helping to attract talent and retain staff more effectively.

6. Organizations that demonstrate an inclusive hiring program are also better able to engage with individuals with disabilities when they see that the company represents them.


So, for organizations to access the best talent and to remain compliant, investment in this area is simply a must. It’s not an easy process though and businesses that wish to excel in the field of hiring individuals with disabilities could often use a helping hand, and that’s where GettingHired can be a crucial partner. We offer a roadmap to creating a successful disability hiring program that organizations can easily implement and follow.


Getting Hired can help ease the pressure


At Getting Hired, our aim is to connect our clients with the best candidates to fill their open roles, ensuring they have access to great talent.


We are able to achieve this through the most visible career portal for individuals with disabilities in America with over 190,000 jobseekers. In addition, we provide a full-service model to our clients, which include ensuring full regulatory compliance in all aspects of recruitment, as well as supporting your employer brand development in making you a highly-attractive employer among the disability community.


By partnering with us, you allow us to do the legwork in bringing forward the best candidates for your business. As a result, you can keep costs to a minimum and ensure your organization stays a step ahead of the rest.


Get in touch with our team today and find out how we can help reduce the cost of securing top talent working in your industry!