Employer Spotlight: Shaw Industries internship program for young people with disabilities

Flooring is an integral part of every built environment, and impacts each individual in unique ways. We seek to attract and retain people who reflect and understand our diverse customer base. Our products reflect a lifestyle, create a space for healing, support children in learning, and provide a foundation upon which billions of life events occur. By leveraging our associates’ diverse perspectives and ideas, we create a better future, for our customers, for our associates, for our communities and for our company.


Shaw Industries accommodates so our teams can perform to their greatest potential

Our success depends on attracting and retaining the best talent – people with the specific abilities needed for each role within the company. We evaluate the competencies required for each position to select people whose skills and motivations match specific job requirements. By focusing on right selection criteria, we ensure fair and accurate hiring decisions. Our practice of making accommodations as needed ensures that the ideal candidate is able to perform to their greatest potential. To the maintenance associate who receives much of his direction over a radio, the hearing aids Shaw equipped him with have made all the difference in his success and enjoyment of his job.


A culture of diversity and inclusion is foundational to our business. By employing diverse associates, including those with varying abilities, we can better meet the needs of our customers and generate new ideas. We consider how the texture of floor is experienced by someone who cannot see and how patterns are perceived by those with impaired depth perception. We ask ourselves how flooring can create a more comfortable or quieter environment for those with special needs. We look beyond simply the people we employ, but to the broader community of the customers we serve.


Project SEARCH - internship program for young people with intellectual and developmental disabilities

"A program that has brought greater appreciation and understanding of the value those with disabilities bring to the organization is Project SEARCH, an internship program for young people with intellectual and developmental disabilities. Through the program, we partner with Cross Plains Community Partner to provide participants with work experience and skill set development. All associates in participating Shaw departments are educated on the program and gain an understanding of how to focus on skill growth and the potential of the participants; not their limitations. It has enlightened associates at every level on the importance of setting expectations and allowing others to meet them without making assumptions on abilities. At the conclusion of their internships, we act as advocates for the interns, helping them to be placed in a job that utilizes their skills, whether at Shaw or in the broader community. Many graduates have been hired by Shaw full-time and the organization is benefiting from their ongoing contributions."


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