Top tips for recruiters when accommodating candidates with disabilities

Adopting inclusive hiring programs is a top priority for companies in 2018. Your key to success is ensuring recruiters have the knowledge about accommodations for job seekers with disabilities.

With this in mind, Getting Hired has partnered with Job Accommodation Network (JAN) to provide an array of top tips for recruiters to apply during the hiring process.

Top tips for recruiters during the hiring process

  • Understand that the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) requires all employers to provide equal benefits to candidates. This includes providing reasonable accommodations for job seekers with disabilities. You can learn more about the ADA and accommodations by reading JAN's helpful guide here.
  • Familiarize yourself with your organization’s accommodation statement should a job seeker ask and for your own knowledge as well. If you’re unsure where that statement is, reach out to your HR department. 
  • Know that as a recruiter, you are not responsible for providing the answer to an accommodation request as this should be answered by the point of contact within the accommodation statement or HR.
  • Understand how any disclosure of an individual's disabilities could impact the interview process. For example, you may need to ensure that the interview is in an accessible location for someone who has a mobility impairment. Here’s some additional information on reasonable accommodations.
  • Ensure confidentiality of communication and records at all times. Medical information obtained in relation to a request for any reasonable accommodation should be kept separate from an individual's personnel file.

Accommodations are key to effective engagement

Louis Orslene, Co-Director of JAN, states: "Many organizations continue to appreciate the contributions of individuals with disabilities and the positive impact they can have for their business.

"However, recruiters must recognize the important role that the provision of reasonable accommodations can play in helping them to attract and retain this group. Workplace accommodations ensure the needs of these individuals are being met and provide them with the tools and support to flourish in their role." Additional information on accommodation tools for recruiters and hiring managers can be found here.

By following the advice above, we believe recruiters can build their knowledge about how to support job seekers with disabilities during the hiring process.

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