How to attract, evaluate, onboard and retain veteran talent

Getting Hired is teaming up with the Veteran Staffing Network, a social enterprise business developed by Easterseals, for a webinar to support inclusive employers who are looking to hire more veterans within their workforce.

What is the lifecycle of veteran candidates?

Our webinar with the Veteran Staffing Network will take place on October 25th from 12:00pm EST to 1:00pm EST. Our objective for the presentation will be to walk attendees through the lifecycle of the veteran job seeker in four steps:

1.     Attracting

2.     Evaluating

3.     Onboarding

4.     Retaining

How to attract veteran job seekers

Like most initiatives, your business has to establish an executive champion who is visible to the public and media on the importance of hiring more veterans for your business.

Once your executive champion is decided upon, here are additional steps you should take in attracting veterans to your business:

·        Connect with organizations that serve veterans already as this helps build your credibility and will expose your employer brand within the community.

·        Ensure you have consistent messaging on social media, on your website and on all of your Marketing materials.

How to evaluate veteran job seekers

It’s important for inclusive companies to first know what they’re looking for in a candidate as nearly every veteran is mission oriented, has problem solving skills and thrives with teamwork and training.

Here are some top tips for you to better understand veteran job seekers:

·        Understand it may be difficult for them to answer questions and focus on “I” as everything in the military happens as a team, not as an individual.

·        Don’t be caught off guard if they use a lot of acronyms as acronyms are the language of the military.

Most importantly, recruiters and hiring managers need to understand that military backgrounds are complicated and asking the veteran candidates to tell you a story to best highlight their skills is key to learning more about their assignments and job responsibilities.

Join our webinar to learn how to match the stories from the job seekers to the needed skills for your open job opportunity.

How to onboard veteran job seekers

It’s important to educate recruiters and hiring mangers about the benefits and return on investment your organization will receive when you hire veterans. Your leadership must drive this initiative to ensure recruiters know they should be presenting veteran candidates for consideration.

Here are some ways you can onboard veteran job seekers:

·        Create a “buddy” program with volunteer mentors to help them acclimate into your business.

·        Highlight current and successful employees who are also veterans within your organization.

·        Create custom materials for veteran new hires leveraging the consistent messaging you used to attract them to your organization.

How to retain veteran job seekers

Retaining employees can be a challenge for organizations.  Here are some of the top tips for retaining your veteran employees once they’ve been on-boarded:

·        Training, training and more training. Training is in their DNA and by considering incentives for cross training or additional certifications is supportive of their upward mobility within your organization.

·        Create a veteran recognition program by highlighting a veteran employee in a monthly newsletter that’s shared company-wide.

·        Encourage community service projects that give back to the military community as giving back is a great way to retain all of your employees, not just your veteran talent.

For additional details about how to attract, evaluate, onboard and retain veterans in your workforce, register to join our event on October 25th from 12:00pm EST to 1:00pm EST. If you have any question in the meantime, feel free to contact our team.