How to pledge your support for Veterans and their families on Veterans Day

Getting Hired has teamed up with our community partner Fairygodboss on a Veterans Day campaign. For our campaign, we asked female veterans and military spouses to share how being in the military community has impacted them professionally.

We asked all of our participants to complete a questionnaire and share their story about the challenges they face while building their careers in the civilian world. Our favorite part is their top pieces of advice for fellow military community members.

You can read each questionnaire in the highlights below to learn more about some of our participants including individuals from our partners Charles Schwab and Allegis Global Solutions.

Female Veteran Pride Highlights

  • Meet Marleachia McJunkins who works for Charles Schwab and shares her advice for female veterans to “Never give up, and always push and fight for the career you want.” Learn how her time in the military has made her financial services career better at Charles Schwab.
  • Meet Getting Hired’s partner Kelly Mayo as she shares her story on how being a veteran and a military spouse has helped her find success in her civilian job at Allegis Global Solutions.
  • Meet Nina Semczuk, Head of SEO content at Fairygodboss. Nina’s advice is, “Don’t be afraid to take a step backward to go in the direction you really want.” This mindset helped her as she transitioned out of the Army.
  • Meet Margo Rosiles as she shares advice with other female veterans by saying, “Nothing will change if you continue doing exactly what you are doing now.The only person stopping you is yourself.” This advice helped her find a career that she’s passionate about since leaving the Army.
  • Meet Tra’Mese Missy Byrd as she shares her best advice with women is to, “Stand up for yourself and speak your truth, because no one else will do it for you.”
  • Meet Debbie Dexter as she shares why women should, “Go after the job that makes you feel that you are making a difference for yourself, your family, your community and your country.” Debbie shares how serving in the Air Force for 20 years was the best career move for herself.

Military Spouse Pride Highlights

  • Meet Brittany Harmening as she highlights why starting her own business is one career move that she is most proud of as it helped her give her an edge as an entrepreneur.
  • Meet Tracy Flanagan as she shares her, “Best piece of advice for women, especially other veteran and military spouses, is to be informed and stay connected.” Taking her own advice has made her a better co-founder of her own company!
  • Meet Angie Rhinehart as she recommends military spouses to, “Find your passion and own it! Be proud of who you are and go in with confidence. You aren’t just a military spouse." Learn how going abroad as a Marine Corps Spouse helped transform the way she sees her civilian job.
  • Meet Krista S. Anderson who called out the stigma about how many civilians do not automatically realize that "job hopping" is due to the military moving families around the country. Learn more about her story and why military spouses make the most loyal employees.

Take the pledge to support Veterans and their families

In addition to the highlights and questionnaires, we are asking our community to show their support for veterans and their families in building successful careers in the civilian world by showing their support and signing up for our #Pledge4VetFamilies. 

We will be sharing additional highlights of female veterans and military spouses until November 16th. Follow Getting Hired and Fairygodboss on Twitter for additional stories! Feel free to reach out to our team with any questions about the campaign or pledge.