Waste Management Inclusive Hiring: Christopher Mings, Container Welder

Christopher Mings was like many other job seekers in search of employment with a reputable company that valued the work of their employees.  A welder by trade, he understood that being in possession of a skill set in high demand would not leave him without a job for long.  Christopher was however on the quest of something more; a career.  He searched and searched for the ideal opportunity that fit his needs which were great culture, financially stable, diverse, and accommodating.  The latter was probably the most important to him because you see, Christopher is hearing impaired.   

His search led Christopher to Waste Management who was in need of a Container Welder for their shop in Kansas City, KS.  This role is a very demanding job in that it requires the welders to have a deft hand in certain welding techniques, perform repairs on compactors, containers, and carts, conducting safety checks, completing the required paperwork, among several other assigned duties.  Christopher felt that having an affinity for the craft and belief in his ability in conjunction with previous experience working on boilers, building and welding aluminum tubes for pontoon boats was what Waste Management.  So he applied.  

A white male welding metal and sparks are flying. A white male welding metal and sparks are flying. A white male welding metal and sparks are flying. A white male welding metal and sparks are flying.

Waste Management contacted Christopher through his answering service and scheduled him for an interview.    Christopher was ecstatic!  In fact, he was so excited that he actually arrived to the interview without the interpreter that he prearranged to accompany him.  David Wutke, Manager of Container Maintenance at the Kansas City Container Shop did not let this minor roadblock deter him.  His willingness to accommodate Christopher allowed him to come up with an alternative to the Waste Management traditional interview in absence of the Interpreter.  He decided to conduct the entire interview in writing.  At the conclusion of the interview, Dave realized that he had found his Welder!  David communicated his decision to the HR team who immediately began the onboarding process.  

Christopher has been a welcomed and valuable addition to the team according to David.  “Christopher is a hard worker that takes pride in everything that he does”.     

Christopher has really enjoyed his experience with Waste Management since being hired in December of 2016.  “Everyone is friendly and I like the work.  Here at the container shop, it’s all about the quality of the work that you do.  Any person with a disability is encouraged to pursue a career with Waste Management.”    

“Diversity is about more than gender, race, or ethnicity. It’s about who we are as individuals and the unique differences we bring to Waste Management every day.”  Jim Fish, President and CEO.

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