How to create a social media guide for a successful campaign

1 in 5 Americans has a disability, and through social media, employers can tap into their current network of followers to gain credibility with potential job seekers with disabilities.

Social media campaign goals

To support our employer partner’s employer brand initiatives, a free service that Getting Hired provides to premiere employer partners includes our social media campaign recommendation. The goal of our social media campaigns include:

·        Increase traffic to the employer’s available jobs and company profile to strengthen its disability employer brand

·        Highlight the employer’s employer brand as a disability-friendly and inclusive employer, for long-term results and increased self-disclosure rates

First step: Audit your social media channels

We conduct an audit of the employer’s social media accounts to ensure our recommendations will be aligned with your employer brand before we begin any campaigns. We will review all of your public social media accounts and provide a recommendation on what types of content will complement your current social media strategy.

Second step: What frequency should employer’s publish these inclusive posts?

We recommend one post per month to all employer social accounts that align with our recommended content at a minimum.  Alternative frequency can be determined between main point of contact and dedicated Getting Hired Account Manager.

Third step: What type of content should employer’s share?

Your dedicated Getting Hired Account Manager can help to advise on, and create, example content for a social media post after the desired theme for the posts is determined.

An example post would highlight the employer partnership with Getting Hired as our employer brand is synonymous with being disability-friendly and inclusive.

What are best practices I should be aware of?

Your Getting Hired Account Manager can help to advise on, and create, example content for a social media post after the desired theme for the posts is determined.

Based on your employer social media audit, your Account Manager will provide recommended posts for top channels including Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn etc.

2018 Diversity Celebration Dates

*Please note, this calendar grows every year and we are open to and will add to this calendar as needed


·        Glaucoma Awareness Month

·        Martin Luther King Jr. Day - 21st


·        Black History Month

·        Low Vision Awareness Month

·        World Cancer Day - 4th

·        International Epilepsy Day - 12th


·        Cerebral Palsy Awareness Month

·        Developmental Disabilities Month

·        Deaf History Month

·        International Wheel Chair Day - 1st

·        International Women's Day - 8th

·        World Down Syndrome Day - 21st

·        Purple Day for Epilepsy - 26th


·        Autism Awareness Month

·        World Autism Awareness Day - 2nd

·        Limb Loss Awareness Month

·        Parkinson's International Awareness - 11th


·        Mobility Awareness Month

·        Mental Health Awareness Month

·        ALS Awareness Month

·        Multiple Sclerosis Awareness Day - 30th

·        Asian American and Pacific Islander Heritage Month

·        Stroke Awareness Month

·        Lupus Awareness Month


·        Autistic Pride Day - 18th

·        LGBTQ Pride Month

·        PTSD Awareness Day - 27th


·        Disability Pride Month (NY)

·        Disability Independence Day - 26th


·        Purple Heart Day - 7th

·        Women's Equality Day - 26th


·        Spinal Cord Injury Awareness Month

·        Deaf Awareness Month

·        Muscular Dystrophy Awareness Month


·        National Disability Employment Awareness Month (NDEAM)

·        Down Syndrome Awareness Month

·        LGBTQ History Month

·        Learning Disabilities Awareness Month (ADHD & Dyslexia)

·        National Coming Out Day - 11th


·        Epilepsy Awareness Month

·        Veterans Day - 11th

·        World Diabetes Day - 14th


·        World AIDS Day - 1st

·        International Day of People with Disabilities - 3rd

·        International Human Rights Day - 10th

For more information about how Getting Hired can support and enhance your current social media strategy to attract, hire and retain diverse talent, reach out to our expert team here.