5 job seekers with disabilities share why they are capable in the workforce

There is a common myth that individuals with disabilities may be less qualified or otherwise not as skilled as those without a disability, but in reality this could not be farther from the truth. At Getting Hired, our goal is to change this mindset.

Our new website offers a job seeker resources page, which includes a section where job seekers with disabilities can submit their testimonials and highlight their skills to be shared with Getting Hired inclusive employers and blog followers.

Dedicated, determined and capable

We have received over 100 testimonials since May that highlight what Getting Hired job seekers will offer employers in the workplace. Below, we share a few so you can learn about the dedication and excitement our job seekers have for being in the workforce.

  1. Getting Hired Veteran job seeker - “After completing my service in the Army, I went to nursing school and graduated with an Associate's degree as a Registered nurse. I look forward to new challenges in nursing and to continuing to work directly with patients and families to advocate, educate, and to provide care. It is my goal to become a Nurse Practitioner within the next 3 years.”


  2. Getting Hired job seeker in Customer Service - "I am a hardworking individual with a positive attitude, an unwavering cheerful disposition, with self-accountability, a great attention to detail and a highly motivated customer oriented mentality.”


  3. Getting Hired job seeker in the Transportation industry – “I'm a hard worker who is a quick learner. I have some computer skills, experience in sales and a lot of experience with dealing with the public. I was most recently a truck driver with some warehouse experience. I’m between jobs and I am eager to get back to work.”


  4. Getting Hired job seeker who is an Intern – "I want my professors and future employers to know that just because I'm asking for help doesn't mean that I'm any less capable than my peers.I don't need extra time on tests or projects, I need written instructions because when information is verbalized too quickly, I can't process it as fast as my peers and I miss it.”


  5. Getting Hired job seeker in the Healthcare industry – “I am seeking gainful employment as a Senior Health Educator. My drive is to improve the overall well-being of all people. I offer a very unique element to this position; I personally suffered a stroke at the age of 17. I also suffered a traumatic brain injury accompanied by a three-week coma four years ago. Fortunately, I overcame these obstacles through nutrition and exercise. My lifelong goal is to help other people throughout this world improve and manage their health and well-being.”

These testimonials demonstrate how people with disabilities can bring their unique life experiences and perspectives to the workforce.

Job seekers: How to ensure recruiters find you

Job seekers with disabilities should create an account on our website to ensure recruiters are able to find your resume within our data base.

We will be sharing testimonials quarterly so job seekers with disabilities should submit their stories on our job seeker resources page! The goal of our testimonial sharing is to allow our job seekers to highlight what they can bring to the workforce and help end the myths and stigmas impacting individuals and veterans with disabilities in the workforce.