Sarah McMullen

Lead Inclusion Strategist & Business Manager As Business Development Manager and Disability Consultant, Sarah consults employers on how to create an inclusive workplace and organization for hiring individuals with disabilities through Getting Hired’s full-service disability recruitment solution. As part of this solution, she facilitates Getting Hired’s disability etiquette and awareness trainings for employers. She is also a member of the All4 Diversity Council with Getting Hired’s sister company, Allegis Global Solutions, which celebrates and raises awareness of diversity within the organization, and in the communities we serve. Sarah’s passion comes from her previous work as a teacher’s aide at a non-profit arts and education center for individuals with disabilities. In addition to helping facilitate theatre, dance, music, computer studies, and visual arts classes, Sarah also worked directly with one participant in the program. She attributes much of her passion for advocating for individuals with disabilities and helping them find gainful employment with employers to this experience, in addition to having family members with physical and neurological disabilities

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