Top 5 blogs for Job Seekers with Disabilities in 2019

Throughout 2019, Getting Hired featured various articles to support job seekers with disabilities and explore trending employment practices.

From social media tips to making a lasting impression at an interview, these topics aimed to guide job seekers in their quests to get and keep a job.

Here’s a recap of our top job seeker-focused blogs published this year.

  1. 10 Social Media Tips for Finding a New Job in the New Year – We began the year by emphasizing job seekers’ need to develop a positive social media presence and showcase their experience when looking for a job.

Key tips included keeping a complete/updated profile, joining relevant social media groups and chats, and following and engaging with employers of interest.

We’re looking forward to seeing what trends will emerge as social media evolves in the coming year.

  1. 7 Essential Soft-Skills for Getting and Keeping a Job – Soft skills are the personal attributes that help us interact well with others and succeed in the workplace. Often referred to as “people skills,” this blog identified seven soft skills that are transferable from one job to another and are very helpful for getting and keeping a job.

Job seekers should keep in mind that developing soft skills doesn’t happen right away, and that it’s never too late to work on them. If you haven’t already, set a goal to work on enhancing your soft skills in 2020.

  1. Why Can’t I Find a Job? – The job hunt can be exhausting, and at times, even frustrating. This blog provided practical tips to help job seekers who feel like they’ve done everything they can to get a job but are not yielding results.

Primary suggestions included focusing on improving your online presence; reviewing and tailoring your resume and cover letter; strengthening your interview skills; building your networks; and, more.

Whether you’re currently looking for a job or plan to in the future, consider choosing a couple of these tips to focus on in the new year. Working on them now will help ensure you’re ready for the next opportunity that comes your way.

  1. 5 Ways You Can Make a Lasting Positive Impression at a Job Interview – In late spring, we focused on the most important aspect of the hiring process: the interview. While many people are aware of interview basics, such as dressing professionally or arriving early for an in-person interview, there are other things you can do to stand out from other job candidates at a job interview.
    One important point for job seekers with disabilities to consider when preparing for an interview is whether to disclose your disability. Sometimes sharing can help a potential employer make reasonable accommodations to improve the hiring process.

Check out this post for more ideas on how to make a positive impression during your next interview.

  1. How to Customize a Resume to Get More Interviews – According to Glassdoor, the average corporate job offer attracts 250 resumes. This means that to land that dream job, your resume needs to stand out from the rest.

Customizing your resume for each position you’re applying for strongly increases the likelihood of getting an interview. This post provides tips to help you do just that, along with giving you tips to ensure your resume passes electronic screenings completed by applicant tracking systems (ATS).

Ready for 2020?

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Contributions to this blog were made by Andraéa LaVant of Solutions Marketing Group.